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About Hypoxic

Hypoxic was started in 2006 by Mark 'Trunk' Kirschenbaum to answer many needs in the skydiving camera world. Our main product is the Hypeye D Pro, a video controller and indication system that has become the standard in the videographer industry. But really it was just another story of a skydiver trying to find a way to make more money to support his expensive hobby. The company took off as the Hypeye became a necessity and in some cases a required item for video guys around the world. Finally in 2009, he was able to 'cut away' from his day job and focus on Hypoxic full time.

Then in 2010, Hypoxic took to the road and traveled the Boogie circuit in a 5th wheel RV, spreading the good word about our products, meeting tons of skydivers from many other dropzones and partying our butts off all in the name of networking and promotion. Now as the company moves forward, we are looking at new ways to help skydivers take the perfect picture and grab the awesomest video. There are endless possibilities with Sony cameras and the GoPro and Contour cameras as they become the norm for jumpers. Along with the Hypeye line of products, we also are the manufacture several mechanical solutions including camera plates, GoPro Camera Mounts, GoPro Camera Wrenches, and Contour Camera Adapaters. Lately, we've begun manfuacturering many still camera adapters along with optical interfaces for L&B's products. In additon, we are the manufacturer and distributor for Brent Finley's ringsights and work closely with Terry Schumacher's on his mounts and accessories. New products and vendors are being added weekly. 

Hypoxic is based out of Chandler, AZ and can be found at Skydive Arizona in Eloy on the weekends- either at the DZ, The Bent Prop or at the Hypoxic trailer in the campground.

Our goal is to become the #1 source for all things camera in the skydiving world through camera accessories, advice and how-to videos and articles.

Erin Franke and Mark "Trunk" Kirshenbaum hang from a helocopter and then skydive

(Trunk and Erin from an helicoptor: photo Bill Schmitz)


Yep, he's the evil genius around here.  Graduated from RIT with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  Started skydiving in 2002 and has about 2500 jumps.

Trunk Mark Kirschenbaum hangs from a hot air balloon


Erin was the mom of the operation until she moved on to better things and stuff in the skydiving industry. We are still grateful for her help in the early years of Hypoxic's development. 


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