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GoPro HERO3 vs. GoPro HERO2

This is a quick guide on what skydivers need to know about the new GoPro Hero3 (GoPro3).

GoPro 3

There are three editions:

GoPro 3 - Black - "Pimp" Edition ($399) -  Available Here

  • 3 Editions: Adventure (Outdoor), Surf, or Motorsports
  • Adventure and Motorsports are EXACTLY the same, just packaging!
  • 4kp 12 fps, 2.7kp 30 fps (Explained below)
  • 1440p48/1080p60/720p120 fps
  • Glass Ultra Sharp Lens
  • 12MP / 30fps Burst
  • 45Mbps bitrate
  • Wifi Remote
  • "Excellent Low Light Performance"

GoPro 3 - Silver - Middle of the Road / No Wifi Remote / Lower def shooting modes ($299) - Look into buying the black!

  • 1080p30/960p48/720p60 fps
  • Basic Lens
  • 11MP / 10 fps Burst
  • No photo while recording!
  • 35Mbps bitrate

GoPro 3 - White - Store Bought Edition  ($199)

  • 1080p30/960p30/720p60 fps
  • Basic Lens
  • 5MP / 3 fps Burst
  • 15Mbps bitrate
  • Only shoots 170deg in 720mode

Hypoxic will only sell the Black and perhaps the Silver Edition since they are only available at speciality outlets like ours.

Major Body Changes:

  • Smaller 10% lighter / 16% thinner (The advertised differences are with wifi bacpac vs. bare bones)
  • Lens moved
  • New smaller battery
  • Rubber body and lens hood for use outside of cage
  • Mounts compatible with old accessories. However the new ones do seem beefier
  • Removable rubber access port for mulit-function USB port, micro HDMI port, & MicroSD card
  • New 6-element aspherical lens 
  • No Composite-out or mic-in stock - Need to buy their adapter(s)


With the GoPro 3 Black Edition You can shoot at:

  • 4K/(12, 12.5, 15 fps)
    2.7K/(30, 25, 24 fps)
    1440(48, 30, 25, 24 fps)
    1080(60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24 fps)
    960/100, 48 fps)
    720/(100, 48 fps)
  • 12MP stills

4K is huge that is shoot a picture that is 4096 × 3112 pixels each frame, this is 4X as many pixels as what we are shooting at right now! 2.7K@ 30 fps is possibly what we will shoot at but 720 at 120fps is sick for slow motion and 1080p @ 60fps will be a nice middle road too! In all modes it will shoot 24 fps which helps those films buffs. Way too many choices of awesomeness!

You can burst shoot a landing or an exit out of a balloon. It will shoot 30 - 12MPixel frames in once second!!!

There is also a single shot continuous photo mode that once it starts, it takes a picture every fraction of a second until it gets to 30 frames.

Simultaneous Photo and Video: (Photo ever 5seconds, 10, 30, 60 or manually triggered)
One 12MPixel still while recording video in 1440p24 fps
One 8MPixel still while recording video in 1080p30 fps
One 8MPixel still while recording video in 720p60 fps


Other Major Features:

  • 7 hour battery life in standby
  • Wifi remote built in
  • New flat lens for underwater standard
  • New locking mechanism
  • PIV mode - Take Pictures and Video at the same time! 
  • White Balance Set
  • ProTune
  • MicroSD Card
  • Micro HDMI cable
  • New Composite cable out via USB
  • New Mic in via USB
  • Issues

Please see this article on the current firmware issues with the GoPro HERO3.

Cool Accessories

The GoPro3 Frame - Small mounting platform for the camera (like the skeleton)


GoPro3 Touchscreen LCD with Audio headphone out

GoPro 3 LCD touchscreen

Combo Cable Connects between USB and allows for Mic in, Composite Video Out and USB pass thru.


If this article on the new GoPro HERO 3 was useful to you and you enjoy all what HYPOXIC does for the video community, please consider purchasing through us or your local gear shop! Please keep the dream alive by supporting your local small businesses. Thank you! -Trunk

And here is the video if you have not seen it! Make sure to watch at 1080p!

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