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How to mount a wide angle lens on a Sony HDR-CX210/CX190/CX200

Adding a 37mm wide angle lens is easy to do to a Sony HDR-CX190, HDR-CX200, or HDR CX-210 with some patience an a little bit of time.

Sony CX210 with a wide angle lens

You will need:

  • Some crazy glue
  • Epoxy
  • 37mm step up ring
  • Dremel or grinder wheel
  • Aluminum step-up ring (anything) to 37mm

The first thing to do is to remove the part of the step up ring that screws into the camera. I used a dremel and ground it down until it was perfectly smooth. Any burrs or peaks left will make the lens not fit on the camera flush. Make sure to do the grinding away from your camera and final assembly working service.

Grind down a step up ring to add a wide angle lens to Sony CX200

Rinse the modified step up ring with water and blow it off with compressed air.

Clean off the modified stepup ring with compressed air

Dry fit the cleaned step up ring on the camera. On the ring I chose, century (30-37mm) aluminum version, it basically fell into place.

Dry fit the adapter

With the lens cap closed, put a tiny drop of crazy glue on the edge of the step up ring. This is to tack the adapter into place until you can epoxy it in a later step. Have the lens facing up and place the step up ring on the camera just like you dry fitted it in the previous step. Press and hold until it is seated. IMPORTANT: Too much vapors from the crazy glue can damage your lens. Be careful! If you have 1 minute epoxy, you can also use a small drop for this part, however make sure the lens adapter sits flush just like it did while dry fitting it.

Dry fit the step up ring

With the step up ring tacked on, located some 1 or 5 minute epoxy.

Getting ready to glue an adapter on the CX220

After quickly and fully mixing the epoxy, carefully placed a bead around the edge of the step up ring. This securely affixes the adapter in place preventing wooble and making it ridgid for all types of sports.

Applying Epoxy to the CX210

This is how the final camera should look.

Step up ring for the Sony HDR-CX190