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Sony CX160 Tests

HYPOXIC takes the Sony HDR CX160 out skydiving and sees how the new camera works in freefall. The Optical Stabilization OIS causes flutter in head up positions. Headdown seems ok. Belly has a possible slight flutter. The integrated permanent USB cable will make it difficult to design a protective enclosure. The quality is awesome and the MIC input is a nice feature. The CX160 is bigger than the CX150.  

Overall the Sony CX160 is not recommended for Skydiving, but is a nice camera for ground footage.

Freefall footage taken by Brandon Atwood with Stabilization turned off.

Here is some ground shot footage in low light of the CX160

Members of Team Dysfunction as well as other crazy skydivers decide to give bull riding a shot. Fun and debauchery was had by all! Was taken at Buffalo Chip Saloon and Steakhouse in Cave Creek Arizona. Shot with a Sony HDR-CX160 in active steadshot mode with low lux turned on. I am amazed at this camera's ability even though most of this footage was shot extremely zoomed in!

Here is some footage with the low lux turned off



CX160 (left) vs CX150 Top View


Sony HDR-CX160 (right) vs. CX150 (left) Top View 

CX160 Built in USB Cable