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GoPro Wifi BacPac for Skydiving Initial Testing and Tidbits

What Is it?

Skydivers have long awaited the GoPro Wifi BacPac. This BacPac allows you not only to control and get status of up to 50 GoPros at once, but it also allows you to use the GoPro as a wifi streaming video transmitter. HYPOXIC is currently testing out this Wifi BacPac for use by Skydivers. This page will be updated regularly as Trunk comes up with more tidbits so please check back often!

Please help a fellow skydiver out and order from us here if you are interested.

Quick Notes!

  • You must update camera, controller, and remote! It will not work and it will piss you off if you do not. (Please see instructions at the end)
  • Name your controller when you connect it to the PC so it does not interfere with others
  • Turn off Wifi BacPac at the end of the day / on in the am. It powers on seperately than the GoPro

GoPro Wifi BacPac for Skydiving
Comparing the Wifi BacPac Components to a Visio Altimeter

The Wifi BacPac comes with:

  • A remote controller and status display fob
  • A strap for attaching the above fob to your wrist
  • A Locking clip and key ring for attaching the remote to a lanyard or your keys
  • A WiFi transmitter BacPac (with internal battery for its usage)
  • A USB cable to charge the WiFi BacPac
  • A special locking cable for charging the remote controller fob
  • A waterproof and non-waterproof backdoor
  • Instructions

As of the writing of this article these are the features that currently work:

  • Turning on/off the GoPro HD 2, switching modes, and starting recording.
  • Changing settings from afar
  • Full display reproduction of the GoPro HD2 on the transmitter, what you see on the camera is what you see on the fob
  • Control of the original GoPro HD. Power On / Off, start/stop, mode switching. No indication of time left, card missing, power level, etc.

Original GoPro HD with Wifi BacPac
This is the original GoPro HD with Wifi BacPac. Notice the display does not show status. This means if you forgot your card or your battery is low, you will never know.

Do Not work:

  • Any type of streaming
  • Connecting to an existing Wifi network
  • Connecting to a tablet or smart phone
  • Bluetooth functionality

To Be Determined

  • Connecting to mulitple cameras
  • Real distance testing

Out of the box the Wifi BacPac will not work!!! Don't even try. With a GoPro 2 download GoPro Cineform and follow these instructions to update all the units. With a GoPro HD you need to manually download the firmware, update the camera, then install cineform and update the controllers.

While you are within Cineform add a unique identifier for your WiFi Remote and set your super secret password (must be 8 characters!)

One quick note, is the remote gets updated wirelessly via the transmitter/gopro combo attached to your computer. It does not get updated via USB like I initially thought.

GoPro Wifi BacPac Updating