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Contour Mount Install

Contour Low Profile Sturdy Mount

Below are instructions for mounting the Contour Low Profile Mount, the Contour Low Profile Sturdy Mount - Rail Only, or the Contour Low Profile 1/4x20 Tripod Mount on skydiving helmets. This may work in other applications but please check with the helmet vendor first. 

Mounting suggestions: MEASURE TWICE, DRILL ONCE

Camera can be mounted anywhere (top or sides) on the helmet, swivel the lens to the correct horizontal position. Top is recommended for skydiving and base jumping applications.

With Adjustable Angle:

  • Affix the rail to the flat side of the circular piece using the provided black bolt. Position the rail so it is in the center of the two semi-circular cuts.

Without Adjustable Angle:

  • Obtain two 10-32 (1/4x20) screws of ample length to fit through your helmet and the rail. Ensure the screw length is not too long as to protrude through the other side of the rail.
  • Slide the Contour HD camera onto the rail.
  • Wear your helmet and have a friend mark where the mount should be placed. At this time it’s a good idea to record a snippet of footage and ensure your face and helmet is not in the image.
  • For the adjustable angle install, mark the center of the semicircular cut onto your helmet. For the non-adjustable install, mark the two furthest holes of the rail you’re your helmet.
  • Remove all lining and electronics from your helmet.
  • Wearing a mask, drill appropriate holes for the necessary screws. Affix the assembly using LocTite if available.
  • Adjust the camera if necessary.

Recommended: Use a length of bungee through the holes on the side of the rail and over the camera to better secure.

HYPOXIC is not responsible for all the holes you accidentally drill into your helmet.  Plan ahead.  Measure several times.

HYPOXIC is not responsible if your camera accidentally comes off in freefall.  Make sure the camera  is mounted securely.

Be smart, ask for advice about flying with a camera!

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