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Setting up the GOPRO HERO3 for Skydiving

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The number one question I get now-a-days is, "Trunk, what mode should I set my Gopro 3 in for skydiving?"…

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Sony AS15 / AS10 First Look for Skydiving

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"An actual skydiving photographer reviewing the Sony AS15 for use while he is filming jumpers" Updated: This camera is a…

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Mirrorless SLRs for Skydiving

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Below are some mirrorless SLR cameras and their pros and cons for use in skydiving freefall, B.A.S.E., and Paragliding. I…

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This article is great for an overall about the original GOPRO HD and still highly recommend it to newer jumpers…

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Reviews, Tests, & Hacks >> Camera Insights

Purpose To create a synopsis of all the posts found on's photography forum on the

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People have been asking me about a few companies making “GoPro LED Indicators.” In particular products called Cam-do GoPro LED and Pro On GoPro LED. In a nutshell, these products are extremely rudimentary and do not give you any feedback from the camera. pro on pro led

These indicators only show that the camera is powered on, nothing else!

It does not show:

  • If it’s recording or in standby
  • If it’s in the correct mode or even in the setup mode
  • If the card is inserted, has an SOS error, or formatted
  • If your battery is running low
  • If card is running low

These products are not HYPEYEs and will not give you any useful feedback as to the state of the camera. The real power of a HYPEYE is it shows your camera is setup correctly and ready to go. Once you press the record button it's already too late.

In order for us to put the HYPOXIC brand name on a product it would have to be useful and give the customer total feedback. Since GoPro HERO cameras do not provide any status through their proprietary connector, a truly righteous solution would need to be orchestrated to make this a reality...

With that said, the HERO Bus is pretty cool and I highly suggest you take a look at:

If you want to create your own LED interface similar to the aforementioned products, just connect an LED from pin 24 to an LED and a current limiting resistor to pin 30.

GoPro Led Indicator Schematic


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